Past issues of our newsletter



November 2020

Meet our Local Engagement Officers, hear about our volunteer Lynn's journey to becoming a marine scientist and find out about our collaboration with the Pick Project, an interactive art project focused on plastic pollution.



December 2020

Meet our Content Reviewers, read about a bespoke choir piece being composed for us and learn about sustainable alternatives to traditional menstruation products to help reduce marine litter.



January 2021

Meet our writing intern Ella and let her tell you about the serial she is creating for us and how you can get involved. Learn about our collaboration with artist and gull rehabber Suzy Sharpe and get to know one of our long-distance walker-bloggers.

Cloudy Ocean


February 2021

Find out how a 1990s heavy rock/punk band from Hollywood ended up supporting our project. Familiarise yourself with the UN Decade for Ocean Science, and meet our Environmental Psychology Adviser Sammy.

Beach at Sunset


MARCH 2021

We launch our bespoke novel "Why do the plovers fly away?". An article by a collaborating artist and journalist brings yet another art-science connection. And we get to know our LEO Ellie, who went from studying English literature to becoming a marine biologist.

Ocean Rocks


April 2021

Meet artist Chris Kelly and find out how the ocean motivates him. We introduce Will, one of our long-distance walkers and we find out more about our LEO Jack, who was inspired by spider monkeys (among other things) to take up a role in conservation!

Image by Aleksandra Boguslawska


MAY 2021

Dive into Cat Melis' beautiful art and learn about our LDWB Katy's journey through the wilderness of Essex. We also introduce our LEO Aurora, who made it all the way from a rural US farming community to the Norfolk coast.

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