I’m an extremely passionate and opinionated person who loves everything to do with the ocean and the natural world.

Mimi has a degree in Biological Sciences and is responsible for the design of our blog and for matching up collaborating artists with "fitting" topics.

The marine environment is where life began so I think it’s one of the most important habitats to protect. My goal in life is to make as many people fall in the love the ocean the same way I have. I’m an avid scuba diver and love to take photos underwater of all the beautiful marine creatures that live beneath the surface! I also love to draw and paint! I studied art and science growing up and always felt like I had to decide between the two so I’m so happy Plover Rovers have allowed me to combine my life’s two loves! 



I’m passionate about all aspects of art and love painting or getting involved with anything creative. I’m
also most content when I’m by the coast or outside exploring nature and discovering new places,
particularly by bike!

Kellyanne holds a MSc in Zoology and created a Natural History Art Course while studying at Exeter. Her area of focus is 2D arts.

I’m really excited to be involved in a project that utilises creativity to increase engagement with our
marine and coastal environments, which are not only beautiful and interesting but a pivotal aspect of
our physical and mental well-being. I hope to aid in sparking an interest in these environments to lead
to sharing knowledge and better protection, so that everyone can continue to benefit!



I am a lover of the planet, people and the arts from drawing to painting to poetry. Keeping my hands, eyes and mind active is what I'm about and if I can aid others to do so also then all the better.

Betty has worked in arts, education, and performance for over 10 years and brings in her ample experience as an event coordinator as well as being an artist herself.

The coast keeps me and the planet alive in numerous ways. To aid Plover Rovers in spreading awareness and knowledge of all that is around us is wonderful!