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Long Distance

As a LDWB, you are the string which ties our coastal narrative together:

Each LDWB will walk at least 750 miles along the English coast,

sharing their impressions and thoughts through a daily blog.

You will experience the essence of the English coast, its wildlife, its beauty and its scars, and the people who live by and from the sea.

You will talk to locals and find out about their relationship with "their" patch of coast, about their concerns and hopes for the future.

You will also be a part of our data collection efforts to identify and map litter hotspots around the coast and you may even be involved in a documentary about the project!

Ocean Coast Photographer

You will commit to walking for a minimum of 30 days and at a rhythm of approximately 25 miles / day.

You can walk further if you want to!

You don't need to walk for 30 days straight, you just have to complete your stretch within the project timeframe

(April-September 2021).

You will write a daily blog post and you will take pictures on the way. Both your blog and the pictures will be available through our interactive map, so that people can digitally follow you as you progress along the coast.

Each main region

(N-W / S-W / S-E / N-E)

will have one Walker-Blogger assigned. We are currently trying to secure a grant which would allow us to award a bursary of £500 to each Walker-Blogger.

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