Turtle loving conservationist

Bella (MA. Geography MSc Environment, Science and Society) is a content creator for the Plover Rovers and responsible for our Facebook page.

‘I believe that we must work harder to conserve our marine environments, and that the key to achieving this is through engagement - both with coastal communities and those from further afield.’ 



I currently live in Geneva, work at IUCN in the Marine Team on marine plastics, and volunteer from afar for Plover Rovers.

Lynn holds an MSc in Marine Environmental Protection and has outlined our overarching Comms Strategy.

 I am passionate about Plover Rovers because I think once people know more about their coastal environs they will love them, want to protect them, and use them wisely. I love the idea of science meeting nature and sharing stories about the marine environment of the English Coast!



Marine enthusiast, Plant lover, Scuba diver

Ruth, who holds a BSc in Biology and an MSc in Tropical Marine Biology is a scientific blogger and as a content creator focuses on writing blog posts.

Growing up I loved visiting Britain’s coastal environments. It inspired me to become a marine biologist and made me passionate about improving others’ ocean literacy through science communication.

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Environmental Justice enthusiast and avid reader 

Sally is currently undertaking a B.Soc.Sci. in Politics and Sociology.

Social issues are inherently linked to environmental issues, which is why a political and societal perspective is so crucial. I'm passionate about helping to bridge the gap between social science and natural science in order to tackle the climate crisis in a more just, integrated and community-focused way. 

Chloe Valerie.jpg

Chloé Valerie

I feel most myself when I'm by (or preferably in) the sea, or walking in a woodland.

Chloé is a nature writer, artist and photographer with a background in educational publishing.

I love holidaying with my friends and discovering new and exciting places around the UK.

I am passionate about encouraging people to reconnect with the natural world and inspiring them to protect it. This is why I've joined the Plover Rovers team!



Loves writing, mountain biking, and jumping into Lake Superior

Ella is a creative writer for the Plover Rovers, developing a work of fiction which will make the English coast come to life.

Living over 1000 km from the nearest ocean has made me extra appreciative of the experiences I've had with the sea! I joined Plover Rovers to help make science more accessible to coastal communities and to deepen my own connection to marine environments.



adventurer; you'll normally find me on the waves, rocks or up a tree. Coffee addict!

Sammy holds degrees in Applied Zoology and Wildlife Education & Media, and is responsible for ensuring our content is effective and impactful from the point of environmental psychology.

Passionate about bringing together a community where our environment is at the centre whilst engaging people from all walks of life & connecting them with the big blue.  


I am an animal lover and enjoy listening to music. 

Emma, who has a degree in Psychology, is one of our two environmental psychology advisers, esuring maximum impact of our content.

I am passionate about using psychology to help encourage ocean empowerment and marine conservation.


 I'm a first-generation PhD student in physical oceanography in Bangor, North Wales. If you can't find me, I'll be at the beach!

Katie is taking care of our Twitter in between her busy PhD schedule.

 Growing up, I spent almost all my spare time at the beach and in the mountains, so I've always had a fabulous appreciation of the outdoors and our world. It's this passion that I want to share with people across the UK, which is why I got involved in the Plover Rovers charity!