I’m an ocean lover at heart whose passion for diving is limitless.

Along with reviewing content for scientific accuracy, Abby makes sure that there's constant communication between the review team and the mapping crew.

Working with a charity who is dedicated to empowering our local communities is an amazing experience. In order to create change we have to educate, and what better way is there than working hands on with our coastal communities. Our marine ecosystems deserve our help.



I love design, theatre and nature.

Alvaro is a Graphic Designer with a degree in Environmental Studies and takes care of our branding and graphic design of all materials.

As an environmentalist, I have a passion for conservation and consider that the marine/coastal environment is key in the future of sustainability challenges.



New mum, proud Scot, learning Cymraeg, STEMINIST, massive Marvel movie fan, fascinated by the deep sea, weekends are for dark chocolate and catching up with friends.

Debbie has 10 years experience as a fisheries policy manager, a BSc (hons) in marine biology, an MSc in applied marine and fisheries ecology, so she's perfectly suited to review scientific content for us!

I have always loved the sea and am passionate about science education so getting to bring those two loves together with the Plover Rovers was an awesome opportunity.


I love exploring the world and visiting new places. I also love trampolining, especially as part of my university club, where I got to compete all over the country!

Niamh holds a degree in Marine Biology, is passionate about science communication and reviews our content for scientific validity, plagiarism issues etc.

I am passionate about the Plover Rovers as it is so important to protect and conserve the marine environment and the key to successful conservation is education, which starts with conversation!



 I love college rock, cats and casual gaming

Agne works as a freelance photographer / videographer and editor. For us, she reviews content for design issues, focussing on video content.

I personally have always been fascinated by the sea and marine life forms and have taken an interest in helping Plovers Rovers as they are a charity working to educate local communities about their importance. I feel that now more than ever due to the current environmental crisis, work such as this is essential to change people's hearts and minds and show them the importance of these local ecosystems.

Amelia 2.jpg


I am an avid lover of fish, movies, and a nice cold beer!

Amelia, who holds a BSc and MSc in Marine Biology, reviews the scientific validity of our content.

The marine environment has always been somewhere I have loved and respected, so being part of the Plover Rovers team is a fantastic opportunity for me to use my knowledge and passion to promote the coast through a worthy cause.



A christian and environmentalist, I love spending time with family and friends, watching Rugby, singing in a Choir and keeping fit. I also love visiting museums and listening to history lectures and documentaries. 

Genn is part of our design team with a focus on the design of our interactive map due to her experience with GIS.  

I  am excited to be onboard with Plovers-Rovers to facilitate everyone to enjoy and protect our Marine Environment as it has been sadly suffering from pollution and acidification from CO2 absorption - the Ocean shouldn’t be a dumping ground. 



Bookworm, diving enthusiast, traveller, writer, incredibly clumsy, always up for a challenge

Reb holds a BSc and MSc in Marine Biology and has experience working in academic publishing. As a Plover Rover, she reviews scientific validity and copyright issues.

I am passionate about the Plover Rovers because I think marine environment is so often overlooked in the UK, it is right on our doorstep and has such amazing wildlife. It is a whole other world to explore.