Our COVID-19 contingency plan 

We recognise that the current situation makes the planning of in-person events very challenging. The health of our volunteers and of the attendees of our events is always our priority and we will plan all events accordingly.

All our volunteers are currently working remotely.

While we aim to offer in-person events in 2021, we are planning for all eventualities and are confident that our "Talking the Coast" project can go ahead in some shape or form no matter the situation around COVID-19.

Update after the PM's address on Feb 22 2021:


We will run all events virtually between March and May 17.


Our Long-Distance Walker-Bloggers are free to start (parts of) their walk once travel within England is allowed and accommodation facilities are open. We expect that this could be the case as early as from April 12 onwards. We are trying to find out what the regulations around camping on private grounds will be.


From May 17 onwards, we are considering small outdoor in-person events with a possible cap on attendance if necessary.

From June 21 we are considering larger outdoor events, for example half-day events including activities like concerts, workshops and exhibitions. We will also consider indoor events from that time onwards.

1. Assuming indoor and outdoor events are permitted if social distancing can be guaranteed:


All indoor events will be ticketed (FREE tickets) and comply with the agreed maximum occupancy of the venue. Hand sanitizer will be supplied, rules regarding face coverings will be observed. 

Outdoor events will observe social distancing rules, if necessary outdoor events can also be ticketed to limit the number of participants. 


2. Assuming planned indoor events can't be held due to changes in COVID regulations, but outdoor events are ok:


The event will either be moved outdoors or will be live-streamed via our YouTube channel.

We ask all "indoor Walker-Talkers" to provide us with the information if their talk can be turned into an outdoors talk if need be. 

Outdoor events will go ahead as above, with all relevant restrictions adhered to.


3. Assuming a full-scale lock-down:


We will take the events online, and we will endeavour to not only take the talk online but the whole event, including artistic collaborations.

If the lock-down is scheduled to be relatively short-term ("circuit breaker") we may also consider rescheduling the event to a later date.


We generally encourage people to plan for outdoor events, as this also ties in with the idea of experiencing marine science with all senses. However, we won't rule out indoor events completely at this point, as in some cases an indoor setting might be better suited to the event. And let's not forget the Great British Weather... We also from the beginning of the planning process look for possibilities to present the event online, as this "digital access" to the English coast has always been an integral part of our project.