I am artistic,  A marvel comics aficionado, foodie and a bookworm!

Zain studied Conservation Management and particularly likes the creative possibilities which mapping softwares such as GIS supply.

I am passionate about this organisation because of its primary focus and awareness on ocean literacy. I personally am passionate about the marine/coastal environment because of its importance and the natural processes involved as well as the specialist species that rely on such habitats.



I’m an ocean lover at heart whose passion for diving is limitless.

Along with reviewing content for scientific accuracy, Abby makes sure that the map is up to date and uploads and monitors content.

Working with a charity who is dedicated to empowering our local communities is an amazing experience. In order to create change we have to educate, and what better way is there than working hands on with our coastal communities. Our marine ecosystems deserve our help.

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I am a keen traveler who also enjoys walking and camping as well as going cycling as often as possible

Adam, a graduate of Geography and Geology at Leeds, is about to start his MRes in October and is dedicating some time to the creation of our map in the mean time.

I am passionate about our coastlines and the natural beauty and serenity they possess and I feel that the work the Plover Rovers will achieve is of vital importance as it will help the public become educated about our coasts and the multitude of habitats they support and thus hopefully help us protect them.