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Meet the team behind our content! These hard working volunteers are always on the look out for exciting high quality  scientific information about the English coast.


Meet the team who labor at the north-western frontier to bring our project to the wilderness of the Lake District and beyond.

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Meet the team who ensures that our talks are scientifically sound, relevant, immersive and engaging.

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Meet the small but dedicated team behind the charity.


Meet the team behind our interactive map which makes the English coast accessible to everyone, no matter their location and level of mobility.


Meet the team who are tapping into the huge (rock) pool of marine-related activities in Devon, Cornwall and Somerset to forge partnerships and facilitate talks.

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Meet the team who explore the many ways that art and science communication can go hand in hand to achieve a broad societal engagement.


Meet the team who are getting stuck into the bustle of  the Thames estuary and the wide expanses of Norfolk to bring our exciting event to towns and villages alike.


Meet the people who will venture out on long distance hikes along the coast path and blog about their experiences.