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Mission Statement

We want to help raise awareness of much needed solutions for our complex coastal challenges.


By bringing together the scientific and professional marine community with coastal communities all along the English coast, we aim to increase Ocean Literacy and play our part in the urgently needed transformation of our relationship with our seas and coasts to benefit people and nature.

We want to improve access to marine science and conservation, especially for people who would not normally be engaged with science and/or conservation activities. We want to diversify the marine science community of the future.


We want to cultivate an understanding and appreciation for the role the ocean plays in all our lives.

The coast is the gateway to the ocean and coastal communities are intrinsically linked to sea and land. Increasing our knowledge about the ocean and the marine environment in general means we will be better suited to face the sea! 


We want to raise awareness for the current plight of the ocean and the coastal ecosystems, but at the same time empower local people to work towards a brighter future. As part of the coastal community, they can be part of the solution rather than part of the problem. Therefore, one of the aims of our project is to create sustained engagement. We will achieve this by cooperating with a wide range of national and local partners.

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