Partnering with us - how, why and when?

If your organisation wants to get involved with the Talking the Coast project please get in touch.

 You can get involved at any point, even when the project is already up and running.


There are many ways you could get on board: You can...

- help us recruit walker-talkers through your network.

- let us use your local facilities to give our talks.

- co-host a talk, with a representative of your organisation introducing your local work.

- host a talk yourself, co-branding it as <your organisation> / Plover Rovers.


What we can offer in return...

- National exposure for your organisation through our Social Media and our interactive map.

- Potentially recruit new local members for your organisation through connecting to attendees of  the talks.

- An exciting new way to engage with the local community.

- Lasting links to the marine scientific community.