Meet Our Team


​​"I’m an ocean lover at heart whose passion for diving is limitless."

Working with a charity which is dedicated to empowering our local communities is an amazing experience. In order to create change we have to educate, and what better way is there than working hands on with our coastal communities. Our marine ecosystems deserve our help.


Along with reviewing content for scientific accuracy, Abby makes sure that the map is up to date and uploads and monitors content.



"​​I am a keen traveler who also enjoys walking and camping as well as going cycling as often as possible."

I am passionate about our coastlines and the natural beauty and serenity they possess and I feel that the work the Plover Rovers will achieve is of vital importance as it will help the public become educated about our coasts and the multitude of habitats they support and thus hopefully help us protect them. 


Adam, a graduate of Geography and Geology at Leeds and currently pursuing his MRes, curates our interactive map.



"I love design, theatre and nature."

As an environmentalist, I have a passion for conservation and consider that the marine/coastal environment is key in the future of sustainability challenges.


Alvaro is a Graphic Designer with a degree in Environmental Studies and takes care of our branding and graphic design of our materials.


"I am an avid lover of fish, movies, and a nice cold beer!"

The marine environment has always been somewhere I have loved and respected, so being part of the Plover Rovers team is a fantastic opportunity for me to use my knowledge and passion to promote the coast through a worthy cause.


Amelia, who holds a BSc and MSc in Marine Biology, reviews the scientific validity of our content.



"I am a keen foodie and explorer , I enjoy spending my free time in nature. I also enjoying reading books and like to read new genres." 

I've always spent time at the coast and beaches so having the opportunity to educate people on the importance of preserving not just its wildlife but the landscape is very important. 


Annelise currently works as a learning assistant at a wetlands reserve and knows the N-E coast very well and wants to play a part in educating people to inspire positive behaviour change when they interact with their coastal environment.



"Biologist, cook, traveler, gamer, and overall nerd."

As a conservation ecologist by training, I am passionate about wading birds specifically, but everything about marine coastal environments are wonderful and must be protected.


Aurora, who holds an MSc in Applied Ecology and Conservation, is our LEO for Norfolk where she works with a range of local partners to bring some exciting marine science to the shores of this beautiful county. 


​​"Bookworm, diving enthusiast, traveller, writer, incredibly clumsy, always up for a challenge"

I am passionate about the Plover Rovers because I think marine environment is so often overlooked in the UK, it is right on our doorstep and has such amazing wildlife. It is a whole other world to explore. 


Rebecca holds a BSc and MSc in Marine Biology and has experience working in academic publishing. As a Plover Rover, she reviews scientific validity and copyright issues.



"​​Turtle loving conservationist"

I believe that we must work harder to conserve our marine environments, and that the key to achieving this is through engagement - both with coastal communities and those from further afield.


Bella, who holds an MA in Geography and an MSc in Environment, Science and Society and who currently works for Natural England, is a content creator for the Plover Rovers and responsible for our Facebook page and newsletters.

beth matlock.jpeg


"I love having the opportunity to make a difference!"

I love having the opportunity to make a difference in both society and in protecting and conserving our marine ecosystems, every act small or large helps.  I have always been a fan of the natural world which started when I was young watching David Attenborough documentaries, it is our turn to carry on his legacy. 


Beth has recently graduated from university where she studied Geography. She is doing a masters in Marine Biology this year to broaden her knowledge of marine life and is part of our Grant Writing team.


​​"The coast keeps me and the planet alive in numerous ways."

I am a lover of the planet, people and the arts from drawing to painting to poetry. Keeping my hands, eyes and mind active is what I'm about and if I can aid others to do so also then all the better. To aid Plover Rovers in spreading awareness and knowledge of all that is around us is wonderful!


Betty has worked in arts, education, and performance for over 10 years and brings in her ample experience as an event coordinator as well as being an artist herself.



"​​Our UK coasts are fascinating and deserve more love"

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to get involved with Plover Rovers and assist with the administration of a charity that helps to educate people about the importance of the coast. 


When not studying, Catherine is a volunteer marine medic with British Marine Divers Rescue, a volunteer administrator with RSPB and a keen blogger. At the Plover Rovers, she tackles "boring" but essential admin tasks.


"I want to make a difference!"

I am extremely passionate about the marine/coastal environment and local engagement and education. Plover Rover's is an exciting opportunity to allow me to combine two of my loves in life. I am looking forward to gaining skills and being involved with coastal communities during my adventure into further studies in Marine Biology.


Charlotte, who holds a BSc in Marine Biology, was part of Liverpool's Last Straw campaign and a sustainability champion for her uni's Marine Biology and Oceanography Society. She is looking forward to continue to make a difference. and is developing a Plover Rovers podcast.


​​"Mum, proud Scot, learning Cymraeg, STEMINIST, massive Marvel movie fan, fascinated by the deep sea. Weekends are for dark chocolate and catching up with friends."

I have always loved the sea and am passionate about science education so getting to bring those two loves together with the Plover Rovers was an awesome opportunity.


Debbie has 10 years experience as a fisheries policy manager, a BSc (hons) in marine biology, an MSc in applied marine and fisheries ecology, so she's perfectly suited to review scientific content for us!



"​​I love writing, mountain biking, and jumping into Lake Superior"

Living over 1000 km from the nearest ocean has made me extra appreciative of the experiences I've had with the sea! I joined Plover Rovers to help make science more accessible to coastal communities and to deepen my own connection to marine environments. 


Ella, who has a degree in Creative Writing and Biology, is a creative writer for the Plover Rovers, and has created our  awesome novel "Why do the plovers fly away?". 


"Divemaster, backpacker, dancer and obsessive roller skater "

I believe that to better protect our oceans, we need to do more to share knowledge, encourage action and support, and, ultimately improve ocean literacy. I’m so excited to work with the Plover Rovers to celebrate our spectacular coastline and inspire others to conserve it. 


Ellie has an MSc in Marine Environmental Management, and a BA (Hons) in English Literature. Currently, she is pursuing a career in Communications for marine conservation campaigns with the hope of combining her two loves - writing and the ocean.


​​"I believe the three pillars of life are: beer, adventure, science!"

Our coasts are surrounded by sea life and a rich maritime culture which takes us back to our roots as a sea faring nation. However, the two are often in conflict with one another- leading to the problems of pollution and over-exploitation. On my long-distance walk, I hope to spread the ethos of the Plover Rovers; connecting people with our coastline by exploring our natural heritage and how we can benefit from it non-destructively.


George has an MSc in Marine Science and has spent the last few years researching how environmental change will shape future marine food production. He hopes to branch out into public engagement and is walking, talking and blogging the South-West Coast Path for us.



"​​I love photography, being outdoors, travel, lacrosse and kayaking."

I'm passionate about protecting the marine environment, and doing that by engaging and empowering people by sharing knowledge and science.


Georgie grew up in London, and graduated in 2019 with a BSc Environmental Science from UEA. She now works in marine planning, which involves working with a wide range of stakeholders in the East and nationally. This experience aids her greatly in her work as a LEO for the area around The Wash. 

Helen I.

"Swimmer, language enthusiast, and ice-cream connoisseur"

I’m really excited about bringing together people who play, work and
live on the coast with marine scientists and experts and celebrating
what the marine environment means to them all.


Helen originally studied illustration, and then spent nine years working
in administration, marketing and learning in art galleries, museums and
heritage sites. She now wants to carve out a career helping to protect
the ocean, her favourite place to be. She is a LEO for Kent (Ramsgate to Sittingbourne).

Helen M.

​​"If you don’t find me reading scientific papers, it’s probably because I’m out with my dog and camera, photographing all the wildlife I can find!"

I’ve lived in the South West for nearly 20 years and I just love being near the sea. The animal and bird life of the coasts and estuaries is just spectacular, and marine reserves are critical to the preservation of biodiversity. Engagement of local communities is key to conservation success.


Helen holds an MSc by Research in Animal Behaviour, and has previously worked in Southern Africa researching elephants, lions and hyenas. In 2021 she will start her next adventure, returning to Botswana to study human-elephant conflict for her PhD, hopefully engaging in community outreach to promote environmental protection. Meanwhile, she is assisting our Grant Writing Team.



"​​Sports enthusiast, nature lover, gamer!"

The ocean is vitally important to our planet and therefore, a necessity exists to protect it. The aim of the Plover Rovers is one which resonates with me as education and local engagement are crucial to ensuring sustainability. Having the opportunity to be a part of this charity and empower communities is very exciting.


Jack holds a degree in Zoology and Marine Biology and wants to pursue a career in conservation to tackle the issues resulting from of climate change. He is a LEO for the NW, focussing on the area between Chester and Birkenhead.


"I’m never happier than when I’m wandering my way down a new footpath I’ve found or plodding up a hill to get a look at the view! "

The UK coast offers something new to explore every day, and combined with the scientific knowledge I have gained about all the species that make this habitat their home, this has really turned into a passion for learning more about the coastal ecosystems and what we can do to protect them. I also believe that science communication is really the way forward when it comes to marine and coastal research, as it’s essential that the wider non-scientific community can understand and apply new discoveries so that real positive progress can be made on the ground. 


Kathryn, who holds an MSc in Zoology, walks, talks and blogs about the South coast, hiking from Poole to London: "By doing my long-distance walk, I hope to inspire both the local communities I meet and the people reading my blog to get involved with their local coastal habitats, and how to help preserve them and the species living there."


​​"Chocolate, crimson and beige: the colours of mud, oystercatchers and endless sandy beaches. When I think back to my earliest memories of the British coast, those three colours are the ones that stand out in my mind."

From hardcore biologists to writers, musicians and artists, conservation needs to be a collaborative field. We need to speak more of the language of conservation, engage the local communities who are at the forefront of these changes and fights and inspire tomorrow’s leaders; it’s all about communication.


Katy is studying a BSc in Conservation Biology and Ecology at Exeter University’s Cornwall campus and is walking and talking the coast for us in the East, walking from the Thames estuary to The Wash: "Though virtually all aspects of the natural world fascinate me, my prime areas of interest are exploration, human wildlife conflict and engaging more people with nature, so I grabbed the opportunity to walk part of the English coast with the goal of uniting coastal communities with their local conservation research."



"​​Happiest when outdoors, travelling, diving and walking my labra-donkey…but all not before a good coffee!"

I’m excited to be part of a project that brings marine science to life on our coastal paths. Sometimes science and conservation can feel very removed from our everyday lives. I love how Plover Rovers aims to combat this and strives to inspire communities to feel more connected to our amazing oceans.


Katya gained her MSc in Conservation and Biodiversity in Cornwall and spent four years co-creating a student-led environmental education project aimed to inspire children in outdoor settings. She as a LEO for the area between Weymouth and the Isle of Purbeck and also takes care of our Instagram.


"I’m passionate about all aspects of art and love painting or getting involved with anything creative. I’m
also most content when I’m by the coast exploring nature and discovering new places!"

I’m really excited to be involved in a project that utilises creativity to increase engagement with our
marine and coastal environments, which are not only beautiful and interesting but a pivotal aspect of
our physical and mental well-being. I hope to aid in sparking an interest in these environments to lead
to sharing knowledge and better protection, so that everyone can continue to benefit! 


Kellyanne holds a MSc in Zoology and created a Natural History Art Course while studying at Exeter. For the Plover Rovers she finds and liaises with collaborating artists. Her area of focus is 2D arts.


​​"We as a society can make a difference!"

I’m passionate about the marine/coastal environment because it has given me a cause; to be the voice for something that desperately needs our help and cannot speak for itself. Plover Rovers has allowed me to fuel my passion on my own home turf and given me the chance to learn more about the marine life surrounding England. 


Kev, a graduate of Lancaster University, is a diver and professional dive master and believes in the power of education: "Well informed individuals alone cannot change our seas for the better, but by spreading awareness we as a society can make a difference." He specialises on recruiting Walker-Talkers from the scientific community.



"​​I am a permanently caffeinated beach enthusiast who loves swimming and hikes."

With climate change becoming increasingly pertinent, I particularly align with Plover Rovers’ ambition to bridge the gap between science and society, this way everyone in the community can be inspired to take action. 


Marissa is currently studying for a MSc in Environment and Sustainable development at UCL. She wants to to pursue a career in the field of environmental sustainability to play a tangible role in promoting an issue she deeply cares about. She is a LEO in the South-East, covering the area from Seven Sisters to Camber Sands.


"Most content when walking my dog in the countryside, bird watching, swimming in the ocean or drinking gin and tonic! "

Plover Rovers’ mission to integrate science and society through local engagement in ocean conservation is hugely exciting for me, I am a strong advocate for this approach in tackling marine conservation issues.  


Molly holds an MSc in Conservation Science and Policy and has a keen interest in community-focussed conservation. She is a LEO for the South-West, around Sidmouth and Exmouth.


​​"I love exploring the world and visiting new places. I also love trampolining!"

I am passionate about the Plover Rovers as it is so important to protect and conserve the marine environment and the key to successful conservation is education, which starts with conversation!


Niamh holds a degree in Marine Biology, is passionate about science communication and reviews our content for scientific validity, plagiarism issues etc.



"​​Cheerleader, gamer and cocktail lover"

Strengthening connections between the community and their coastlines is vital for the success of conservation strategies. Plover Rovers helps to bridge the gap between the environmental knowledge of academics and these communities, so they can help each other to meet sustainable goals. Informing people about the environment in which they utilise and depend upon is therefore super important to facilitate positive changes - I am excited to help play a role in bringing ocean awareness to these communities and to contribute to such changes!


Liv is currently in her final year of studying an integrated Masters in Marine Biology at the University of Liverpool. Her thesis centres around how climate change effects the body condition and nesting date of Arctic seabirds. She wishes to pursue a career in research or marine policy / consultancy work. She is the LEO for Liverpool and the Sefton coast.


"I love travelling and being outdoors but am also an avid gamer!"

Even if science isn’t your thing, it’s undeniable that we all benefit from the sea and coastline. Whether that be a place to walk your dog, somewhere to go for artistic inspiration, or spend time with your significant other. I strongly believe in collaboration between demographics as a forward-thinking part of conservation. The Plover Rovers’ goal to approach this with a robust scientific base is something that I can truly get behind. 


Ollie holds a BSc in Zoology and MSc in Wild Animal Biology. He has spent a fair bit of time between studies traveling and has a real joy for learning about different cultures and perspectives. He is our LEO for the area between Weymouth and Lyme Regis.


​​"Most likely to be found in wetlands photographing flamingos, along coastal paths scouting for
moths, or listening to folk music with a couple of hoppy ales to hand marvelling over whales."

Scientific research has played such a pivotal role in my life by educating me about contemporary
conservation concerns. The Plover Rovers’ Talking the Coast project is an opportunity for me help
other have the same connection with science; by spreading knowledge within local communities
about our amazing coastal environments.


Peter holds an Msc in Animal Behaviour and has looked at something like 60,000 photographs of flamingos for his thesis! He has a deep-rooted interest in conservation and science communication. He is our LEO for the Somerset and North Devon coast.


"​​I'm an enthusiastic, nerdy person who loves learning!"

I adore the natural world and have a fondness for some of the weirder animals out there such as nautiluses, Greenland sharks, and nudibranchs. However, my main interest is in animal behaviour and how this behaviour can develop!

I'm passionate about the Plover Rovers because they aim to involve the local community with conservation as well as teaching the local people about the importance of the ocean.


Rosie is currently a Second Year Zoology Student at Exeter University with the aim of getting involved in scientific research and further conservation projects! In the past, she has gotten involved with environmental campaigning, conservation schemes and local outreach projects in schools. She is our LEO for the area between Rame Head Heritage Coast and The Lizard.


"I have always been passionate about engaging with people and sharing my excitement for the marine world."

My scientific background is taxonomic research (with a focus on classification and identification of marine invertebrates).

I volunteered in a natural history museum as a teenager and years later got to work as a research scientist in one of the leading European natural history museums, where I also designed and managed my own exhibition.

The "Talking the coast" project is the perfect platform for sharing scientific research with a wider public. I especially like the idea that the talks can be given outside during a walk and that there is plenty of room for creativity and also an artistic component to it.


Ruth is an internationally acclaimed authority on polychaetes and passionate about science communication. She is one of the three trustees of the charity.


​​"I'm a Latin language teacher, artist and anti-speciesist, passionate about all life on earth."

I believe that education / science communication is key to nature protection. As a writer and musician myself, I'm excited about the Plover Rovers' creative approach because I believe that creativity can reshape thinking and play a huge part as an agent for transformative behavioural change. 


Sabú runs his own anti-elitist online Latin language school and is passionate about helping people achieve their goals. He is one of the charity's three trustees.


"​​Adventurer; you'll normally find me on the waves, rocks or up a tree. Coffee addict!"

Passionate about bringing together a community where our environment is at the centre whilst engaging people from all walks of life & connecting them with the big blue. 


Sammy holds degrees in Applied Zoology and Wildlife Education & Media, and is responsible for ensuring our content is effective and impactful from the point of environmental psychology.

Scott Xavi

" I'm a life-long activist with a hippie-upbringing, an anti-speciesist and averse to unfounded hierarchies, inaction and thinking inside the box."

I'm an extremely passionate environmentalist and scientist with a huge curiosity about and appreciation for everything around me and a love for photographing insects. I'm also passionate about art and interested in the role ABR can play in sustainable policy making.


Scott Xavi is the director and founder of the Plover Rovers: "Setting up this charity has been an incredibly rewarding experience - I am amazed at the enthusiasm and positive energy which the volunteers are bringing in and I can't thank all of them enough for being part of this project!"


​​"Map-loving, fearless adventurer! "

I’m thrilled to be a part of the team at plover rovers. The plan to pull this wealth of scientific knowledge together with visuals to be accessible to all is genius. Everyone in this country will be able to take part in celebrating our wondrous coastal landscapes. I cannot wait to see what we can create together. 


Shelina, originally from British Columbia, Canada, has a degree in Environmental Science and GIS and many years experience in launching projects and new initiatives. After a career break, she is now looking to work in a field in which she can pass on her passion for the environment. She does an amazing job as

Scott's PA.


"​​ I am happiest when out in nature or drinking a beer in the sun... I’m pretty sure I’m solar powered!"

I have been lucky enough to have grown up around the North Norfolk coast and would love to communicate and enthuse others about the wonders of the marine environment and what we can do to preserve it. I am passionate about science communication and the positive impact it can have on people’s views of the natural world. 


Tess, who is currently doing an MRes, is our long-distance walker for the North-East: "During my long-distance walk I hope to help connect people with our country's rich coastline, especially those who may not have easy access to these areas." 


" I’ve been travelling along UK coast paths since before I could walk - I can’t wait to get walking and tell you all about it!"

For most of my childhood my parents were pushing me around hiking trails in a pram or carrying me on their shoulders. As I got older, my dad would take me on longer trips and gradually load more into my rucksack, then I caught the bug and was organising walking trips with my friends. Some of my fondest memories have been made on the Wales Coast Path, the South West Coast Path, the Norfolk Coast Path and coast paths in the Outer Hebrides. It’s on these trails and various seaside holidays that I found my love for the ocean, and that’s what brought me to studying BSc Marine Biology at the University of Exeter.


Will is our long-distance walker for the North-West. He is currently on a year out from his course and jumped on the opportunity to do some walking in aid of marine conservation: "It’s a great chance for me to share my passion for coastal wildlife, learn about coastal communities and hopefully inspire other people to do the same."


​​"Wild swimmer, runner and overall nature enthusiast, otherwise found napping, baking, or listening to podcasts."

 I think it is important for science to be communicated in a clear and engaging way and I truly believe that when people build a relationship with the natural world around them, they will make sure to protect it.


Zuzka is a freelance editor, brand strategist, and event organiser. She is also the executive editor of Backstage Talks — a magazine on design, business, and social responsibility. She is involved in planning our podcast.


"​​ I love Scuba Diving, Boating, Travelling and experiencing new cultures!"

My love of diving and sailing have lead to a passion of the marine environment generally. These experiences have made me want to protect the marine environment through the work of Plover Rovers and working with local communities for bigger change. 


Emily is currently in her first year of a BSc in Environmental Science. Once she has finished her degree, she plans to focus her career in the direction of the marine environment with a focus on pollution prevention and the protection of marine life. 


" I am artistic,  a marvel comics aficionado, foodie and a bookworm"

I am passionate about this organisation because of its primary focus and awareness on ocean literacy. I personally am passionate about the marine/coastal environment because of its importance and the natural processes involved as well as the specialist species that rely on such habitats.


Zain studied Conservation Management and particularly likes the creative possibilities which mapping softwares such as GIS supply. He is a member of our mapping team.


​​"Happiest when drinking choccy milk while exploring rockpools. Or drinking Fanta lemon after a tropical dive."

Being ocean literate is vital to any nation with a sea border. But an Island nation? It's an absolute necessity. I'm passionate about the mission behind Plover Rovers because our marine and coastal environments are involved in many aspects of our nation. Promoting a prosperous, 

healthy coastline and marine habitat ensures we also do the same but for other essential elements within our society.


Brad has a BSc in Marine Biology with Biodiversity & Conservation. He has a deep passion for the marine environment, especially corals, sea anemones, and algae. His overall career goal is to become an online influencer/science communicator promoting marine conservation, sustainability and ocean love.


"​​ I am a dedicated mum to two young kids and secretly (well, not so secretly) harbour ambitions to work with dolphins."

I love being a part of the Plover Rovers as it gives me an opportunity to 1) learn about the English coast in its entirety and 2) share this knowledge with anyone who will listen. I am excited to explore my local coastline and may even set myself a challenge to walk the distance some day! 


Pavan has a degree in Marine Biology and over 5 years experience in event management. She is dedicated to educating her community about environmental issues and on how to make a positive difference. She is our LEO for the area between Clacton and Lowestoft.


" I I love travelling, art and a great smoothie!"

 I believe it's so important to promote conservation and protection of the local environment and I'm excited to be involved in a project with such a positive message.  


Issy has a degree in Geography and wants to go on to do an MSc in Marine Biology. Living by the coast herself, she understands the great importance of understanding the ocean and its effects on life on Earth. She is our LEO for the Brighton area.