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Gull Tales

Help us redefine human - gull relationships! Send us your stories of gulls and artist & gull rehabber Suzy Sharpe will illustrate them to create a story-map of gull tales around the UK coast, explain the gulls' behaviour and increase our understanding for these fascinating birds. Send your stories to 

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My coast ...

The sea is the big connector between us all rather than a divide, marine and coastal issues are similar across the world and the route to their solutions knows no country boundaries. We look for people who have come to the UK from abroad or who have strong familiar ties abroad to tell us about their "home coast" and its issues, like perhaps overfishing, flooding or erosion.  Through this, they may be able to find common ground with local coastal people and local people with them. Submissions can be anonymous and in writing, video or audio.

Please contact

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Art & Poetry

We are looking for illustrations and poetry to accompany our fiction serial "Why do the plovers fly away?" Please submit ocean/coast related poetry directly to our writer Ella ( If you are interested in illustrating a chapter, please get in touch at  and we will send you a chapter. You can check out the story on our blog.

Illustration by AliElly.

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