I am an ocean-lover who enjoys adventures.

Dylan is an experienced content reviewer and makes sure content is relevant and well-phrased.

I’m passionate about Plover Rovers because as a marine biologist it’s a great way to tell people about our rich marine life.



I currently live in Geneva, work at IUCN in the Marine Team on marine plastics, and volunteer from afar for Plover Rovers.

Lynn (seen above surveying at the Menai strait) graduated with an MSc in Marine Environmental Protection in 2018. When she is not busy creating our Comms Strategy, she helps out as a scientific proof reader.

I am passionate about Plover Rovers because I think once people know more about their coastal environs they will love them, want to protect them, and use them wisely. I love the idea of science meeting nature and sharing stories about the marine environment of the English Coast!


Linda is currently completing her PhD and kindly volunteers her spare time to check submissions for scientific accuracy.


I'm a non-binary palaeoclimatologist who loves board games, dinosaurs, horrorpunk and broccoli.

I am passionate about the marine environment because the majority of our planet is covered in oceans, most of it is still unknown and yet to discover, but it might be lost forever if we don't get our act together quickly.

Ruth & Milou beach.jpeg

Ruth is an internationally acclaimed authority on polychaetes and passionate about science communication.


Energetic, sporty, a dog and horse lover, passionate about everything I am involved in, fascinated by marine plankton and by waves in action.

One of my favorite moments is walking on a beach with my dog in any weather, be it stormy and rainy or quiet and peaceful.

My scientific background is taxonomic research (with a focus on classification and identification of marine invertebrates), but I have always been passionate about engaging with people and sharing my excitement for the marine world.

I volunteered in a natural history museum as a teenager and years later got to work as a research scientist in one of the leading European natural history museums, where I also designed and managed my own exhibition.

The "Talking the coast" project is the perfect platform for sharing scientific research with a wider public. I especially like the idea that the talks can be given outside during a walk and that there is plenty of room for creativity and also an artistic component to it.