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Routes and Talks

The English Coast path is subdivided into 4 sections: the North-West section begins at the Scottish border near Carlisle and runs down to the Welsh border near Chester. The South-West section begins at the Welsh border near Bristol and runs all the way to Southampton. The South-East section runs from Southampton up to The Wash, and the North-East section takes us from The Wash back up to the Scottish border near Berwick. There are over 180 cities, towns and villages on the way which can potentially host talks. We endeavoured to connect with local coastal community teams, schools, and organizations like the National Trust or the Wildlife Trusts to organise talks in as many of these places as possible.

Below is our interactive map. Clicking on the Plover Rovers logo icon will reveal general information about coastal towns and villages, clicking on the star icon will show both upcoming and past events and give access to the supporting material. By the end of the project, you'll be able to virtually hike all along the English coast and access verified scientific information. The walker icons reveal blog posts and photographs by our long-distance walker-bloggers. This map is a dynamic work in progress, so we invite you to keep coming back to it! If you click on the "View larger map" icon in the top right hand corner, you can choose which layers you want to see: The "Locations" layer gives you the general information about coastal communities the "Events" layer shows our events, the "Long-distance Walkers" layer shows the blog posts by our LDWBs and the remaining layers show coastal walking routes.

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