Little out of the box! Liverpool FC Fan, politically active and a tad bit nerdy (rookie DnD player
and new avatar fan)!

Aaron, born and bred in Leeds, is a recent MSc graduate in Marine Environmental Protection and passionate about helping to introduce the Yorkshire coast to the rest of the nation.

Education is key! In order to create tides we have to start with ripples!

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Lover of the outdoors, wildlife enthusiast and pretty much addicted to tea…!

Anna is currently in her final year of studying Biological Sciences at Durham University. She hopes to continue her studies in the field of Marine Biology or Oceanography before a PhD or maybe branching out into Science Communication… who knows!

I am incredibly passionate about our coasts and oceans, and all of the weird and wonderful lifeforms that they support. It is undeniable that our planet is changing, these fascinating communities included, so I believe it is vitally important to all muck in and try to combat this in some way.



I am a keen foodie and explorer , I enjoy spending my free time in nature. I also enjoying reading books and like to read new genres. 

Annelise currently works as a learning assistant at a wetlands reserve and knows the N-E coast very well and wants to play a part in educating people to inspire positive behaviour change when they interact with their coastal environment.

 I've always spent time at the coast and beaches so having the opportunity to educate people on the importance of preserving not just its wildlife but the landscape is very important. 

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I love photography, being outdoors, travel, lacrosse and kayaking.

Georgie grew up in London, and graduated in 2019 with a BSc Environmental Science from UEA which included a year studying abroad at the University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. She now works in marine planning, which involves working with a wide range of stakeholders in the East and nationally.

I'm passionate about protecting the marine environment, and doing that by engaging and empowering people by sharing knowledge and science.



Wild swimmer, runner and overall nature enthusiast, 

otherwise found napping, baking, or listening to podcasts. 

Zuzana is a freelance editor, brand strategist, and event organiser. She is also the executive editor of Backstage Talks — a magazine on design, business, and social responsibility. 

I think it is important for science to be communicated in a clear and engaging way and I truly believe that when people build a relationship with the natural world around them, they will make sure to protect it.