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Sports enthusiast, nature lover, gamer!

Jack holds a degree in Zoology and Marine Biology and wants to pursue a career in conservation to tackle the issues resulting from of climate change.

 The ocean is vitally important to our planet and therefore, a necessity exists to protect it. The aim of the Plover Rovers is one which resonates with me as education and local engagement are crucial to ensuring sustainability. Having the opportunity to be a part of this charity and empower communities is very exciting.



Kev’s the name and exploration’s the game!…..under and above the surface!

Kev, a graduate of Lancaster University, is a diver and professional dive master and believes in the power of education: "Well informed individuals alone cannot change our seas for the better, but by spreading awareness we as a society can make a difference."

I’m passionate about the marine/coastal environment because it has given me a cause; to be the voice for something that desperately needs our help and cannot speak for itself. Plover Rovers has allowed me to fuel my passion on my own home turf and given me the chance to learn more about the marine life surrounding England. 



 I am an avid diver and love to surround myself with marine life of all shapes and sizes, feeling most comfortable floating and observing marine life as it passes by. When I’m not obsessing over marine biology I enjoy gaming in my off time and playing various table top games with my friends.

A MSc Graduate in Marine Biology, Jake has recently been working in media production to help produce Natural History documentaries showcasing the Marine life around the British Isles. He hopes to soon go back into academics and research studying behavioral and physiological aspects of marine life.

I am passionate about what Plover Rovers is doing because I am blessed to have the understanding of our marine/coastal environments through my personal experience and I believe it is vital that the general public have the same level of knowledge so that they can become passionate as well and gain that same motivation to protect what we have. The marine/coastal environment surrounding the British isle is so important - I want to help spread awareness of its importance!



Keen scuba diver, mad about football & will never let early 2000s pop punk die. 

After studying Politics with International Relations, Mark has worked for
a health and now a higher education charity. He's also been scuba diving
from a young age, and considers himself lucky to get this unique perspective on the UK's amazing wildlife and biodiversity.

I'm so excited to join the Plover Rovers team! What is so enthralling and resonating about Plover Rover's work is the aim to bring further education and clarity on such a crucial issue - the health and protection of our wonderful coastline.

Public knowledge and
engagement with our coastline is the key to it's health and longevity.
There are so many people out there who are eager to learn more about the coast and its marine life!


The Plover Rovers are a charity dedicated to enhancing ocean literacy and empowering coastal communities through delivering exciting scientific talks all along the English Coast Path.

We are a registered charity in England and Wales (1189992).

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