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Swimmer, language enthusiast, and ice-cream connoisseur

Helen originally studied illustration, and then spent nine years working
in administration, marketing and learning in art galleries, museums and
heritage sites. She now wants to carve out a career helping to protect
the ocean, her favourite place to be.

I’m really excited about bringing together people who play, work and
live on the coast with marine scientists and experts and celebrating
what the marine environment means to them all.

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 I love travelling, art and a great smoothie!

Issy has a degree in Geography and wants to go on to do an MSc in Marine Biology. Living by the coast herself, she understands the great importance of understanding the ocean and its effects on life on Earth.

Currently, Issy is taking a step back from her role to focus on her professional development.

 I believe it's so important to promote conservation and protection of the local environment and I'm excited to be involved in a project with such a positive message.  



Oat milk enthusiast

Sinead graduated with a BSc in Marine Geography in 2016. She enjoys working alongside like-minded people who are equally as passionate about our coast and is looking to get into a career in the conservation sector.

I love that the project is dedicated to the English Coast; to show local people that our coastline is something be celebrated and it’s unique physical characteristics should be protected.



I am a permanently caffeinated beach enthusiast who loves swimming and hikes.

Marissa is currently studying for a MSc in Environment and Sustainable development at UCL. She wants to to pursue a career in the field of environmental sustainability to play a tangible role in promoting an issue she deeply cares about.

With climate change becoming increasingly pertinent, I particularly align with Plover Rovers’ ambition to bridge the gap between science and society, this way everyone in the community can be inspired to take action. 



Biologist, cook, traveler, gamer, and overall nerd

Aurora holds an MSc in Applied Ecology and Conservation. She has worked with plovers in South Africa in the past and is very happy to be a Plover Rover! 

As a conservation ecologist by training, I am passionate about wading birds specifically, but everything about marine coastal environments are wonderful and must be protected.



I love open water swimming, kayaking, and sharing my passion for the sea with anyone who will listen!

Danielle, who holds an MSc in Marine Biology, considers herself incredibly lucky to have grown up by the sea and wants to help conserve our coastlines and inspire others to make a positive impact. 

There is a disconnect between scientific communities and coastal communities. I am excited to work with Plover Rovers to bridge this gap in knowledge and inspire an appreciation of just how important our seas are in every aspect of our lives

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Divemaster, backpacker, dancer and obsessive roller skater 

Ellie has an MSc in Marine Environmental Management, and a BA (Hons) in English Literature. Currently, she is pursuing a career in Communications for marine conservation campaigns with the hope of combining her two loves - writing and the ocean. 

I believe that to better protect our oceans, we need to do more to share knowledge, encourage action and support, and, ultimately improve ocean literacy. I’m so excited to work with the Plover Rovers to celebrate our spectacular coastline and inspire others to conserve it. 

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 I am a dedicated mum to two young kids and secretly (well, not so secretly) harbour ambitions to work with dolphins as a full time, paid role one day. The dream would be studying a resident, coastal dolphin population and simultaneously educating the local community about the dolphins and marine life.

Pavan has a degree in Marine Biology and over 5 years experience in event management. She is dedicated to educating her community about environmenatl issues and on how to make a positive difference.

I love being a part of the Plover Rovers as it gives me an opportunity to 1) learn about the English coast in its entirety and 2) share this knowledge with anyone who will listen. I am excited to explore my local coastline and may even set myself a challenge to walk the distance some day! 



I’m a keen traveller and hiker (usually with my rescue dog Leia by my side) and I love any activity that lets me spend time on the water. 

Torie is currently looking to transition from a 7-year career in journalism and communications  to environmental education.   

Growing up in a coastal city in Southern California taught me from a young age how beautiful and unique marine environments are, so I’m incredibly excited to join the Plover Rovers as we get even more people involved in caring for our majestic oceans.