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I love spending time outdoors, 

walking or just being close to nature. I also enjoy experimenting with 

new recipes in the kitchen!

Emma holds a BSc in Biology and an MSc in Marine Environmental 

Management and is aiming to work as an environmental consultant on 

development projects as she strives to ensure people can live in harmony 

with their environment.

I think the aims of Plover Rovers 

are vitally important; as we see our environments declining around us we 

need to empower everybody to feel they can contribute to protecting 

their local environment and by bringing together experts, conservation 

organisations and the general public I believe we can achieve a sense of 

ownership and empowerment for people to take the health of their local 

environment into their own hands.

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If it’s patterned I will wear it! You will find me in the water, reading a good book or exploring new ways to cook vegetables.

With an academic background in BSc Environmental Science and a MSc in Environment, Culture and Society Jasmine has an interdisciplinary understanding of environmental issues and the economic, social and cultural dynamics.

I find immense joy exploring and engaging with coastal environments and its wildlife, and am constantly learning about the natural world I love. I am passionate about enabling accessible nature engagement for everyone, and Plover Rovers allows me to encourage others to experience this love of learning about their marine environment. 

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A rock pooling, crocheting book-worm

Kristina became fascinated with the marine world as a child watching documentaries on coral reefs and pretending to be a fish and went on to study marine biology and oceanography.

The Plover Rovers are all about engaging with people to create connections to the coast and promote ocean awareness. As someone who has lived by the sea for most of their life, I know just how important our ocean planet is to us all and that’s why I’m thrilled to be part of the team.



I'm a UK scuba diver, love being on a boat, not afraid of a bit of cold water. Dog lover and keen baker.

Meg holds an MSc in Zoology and is currently working as a teaching assistant at a secondary school for special educational needs.

 I love exploring the sea, whether it's jumping in for a dive, paddling, or hiking along the coast path. My favourite animal to see is a big blue lobster. I love showing people what's out there in the oceans and want to help make sure our marine life is protected and cherished for generations to come.



Most likely to be found in wetlands photographing flamingos, along coastal paths scouting for
moths, or listening to folk music with a couple of hoppy ales to hand marvelling over whales.

Peter holds an Msc in Animal Behaviour and has looked at something like 60,000 photographs of flamingos for his thesis! He has a deep-rooted interest in conservation and science communication.

Scientific research has played such a pivotal role in my life by educating me about contemporary
conservation concerns. The Plover Rovers’ Talking the Coast project is an opportunity for me help
other have the same connection with science; by spreading knowledge within local communities
about our amazing coastal environments.

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I love travelling and being outdoors but am also an avid gamer!

Ollie holds a BSc in Zoology and MSc in Wild Animal Biology. He has spent a fair bit of time between studies traveling. Ollie has a real joy for learning about different cultures and perspectives.

Even if science isn’t your thing, it’s undeniable that we all benefit from the sea and coastline. Whether that be a place to walk your dog, somewhere to go for artistic inspiration, or spend time with your significant other. I strongly believe in collaboration between demographics as a forward-thinking part of conservation. The Plover Rovers’ goal to approach this with a robust scientific base is something that I can truly get behind.

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Happiest when drinking choccy milk while exploring rockpools. Or drinking Fanta lemon after a tropical dive.

Brad has a BSc in Marine Biology with Biodiversity & Conservation. He has 
a deep passion for the marine environment, especially corals, sea 
anemones, and algae. In the future, I plan on studying a MSc in tropical marine biology, and my overall career goal is to become an online 
influencer/science communicator promoting marine conservation, 
sustainability and ocean love.

Being ocean literate is vital to any nation with a sea border. But an Island nation? It's an absolute necessity. I'm passionate about the mission behind Plover Rovers because our marine and coastal environments are involved in many aspects of our nation. Promoting a prosperous, 
healthy coastline and marine habitat ensures we also do the same but for other essential elements within our society.

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I love Scuba Diving, Boating, Travelling and experiencing new cultures. Another passion of mine is exploring ways of making travel as an industry more sustainable. More locally you'll find me out running on the coastal path and exploring Dartmoor in my free time!

Emily is currently in her first year of a BSc in Environmental Science. Once she has finished her degree, she plans to focus her career in the direction of the marine environment with a focus on pollution prevention and the protection of marine life. 

My love of diving and sailing have lead to a passion of the marine environment generally. These experiences have made me want to protect the marine environment through the work of Plover Rovers and working with local communities for bigger change. 



Most content when walking my dog in the countryside, bird watching, swimming in the ocean or drinking gin and tonic! 

Molly holds an MSc in Conservation Science and Policy and has a keen interest in community-focussed conservation.

Plover Rovers’ mission to integrate science and society through local engagement in ocean conservation is hugely exciting for me, I am a strong advocate for this approach in tackling marine conservation issues. 



Happiest when outdoors, travelling, diving and walking my labra-donkey…but all not before a good coffee!

Katya gained her MSc in Conservation and Biodiversity in Cornwall and spent four years co-creating a student-led environmental education project aimed to inspire children in outdoor settings.

I’m excited to be part of a project that brings marine science to life on our coastal paths. Sometimes science and conservation can feel very removed from our everyday lives. I love how Plover Rovers aims to combat this and strives to inspire communities to feel more connected to our amazing oceans.



I'm an enthusiastic, nerdy person who loves learning!

Rosie is currently a Second Year Zoology Student at Exeter University with the aim of getting involved in scientific research and further conservation projects! In the past, she has gotten involved with environmental campaigning, conservation schemes and local outreach projects in schools. 

I adore the natural world and have a fondness for some of the weirder animals out there such as nautiluses, Greenland sharks, and nudibranchs. However, my main interest is in animal behaviour and how this behaviour can develop!

I'm passionate about the Plover Rovers because the organisation's understanding and aims to involve the local community with conservation as well as their engagement with teaching the local people about the importance of the ocean.

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Adventurer, Animal lover, Boardgames winner and truly awful baker.

Charlotte graduated from her BSc in Biology at Warwick University in 2019 and has since worked and volunteered in the science communication sector, with organisations such as The Science Museum, Kew Gardens, and Conservation Without Borders She hopes to one day return to university and perhaps pursue a joint career in sci comm and practical applied conservation.

I believe everyone deserves to be able to learn about our natural world, I and admire how the Plover Rovers team are making science accessible for everyone! I love being by the coast, especially in stormy weather, as the flora and fauna you will find is ever changing and always a surprise!