Scott Xavi

Founder, Director and Chair of Trustees

Xavi holds an MA in Classics and an MSc in Marine Environmental Protection. He has lived and worked in 7 countries as a professional rock musician, teacher and scientist (not all at once, though!). This is his first charity.

I'm an extremely passionate environmentalist and scientist with a huge curiosity about and appreciation for everything around me and a love for photographing insects. I'm a life-long activist with a hippie-upbringing, an anti-speciesist and averse to unfounded hierarchies, inaction and thinking inside the box.

Setting up this charity has been an incredibly rewarding experience - I am amazed at the enthusiasm and positive energy which the volunteers are bringing in and I can't thank all of them enough for being part of this project! I'm looking forward to working with everyone and to the whole learning process associated with being in a team with so many different amazing people!




Sabu runs his own anti-elitist online Latin language school and is passionate about helping people achieve their goals.

I'm a Latin language teacher and anti-speciesist, passionate about all life on earth. I believe that education / science communication is key to nature protection. I am an writer and musician myself and I'm excited about the Plover Rovers' creative approach because I believe that creativity can reshape thinking and play a huge part as an agent for transformative behavioural change. 

Ruth & Milou beach.jpeg



Ruth is an internationally acclaimed authority on polychaetes and passionate about science communication.

My scientific background is taxonomic research (with a focus on classification and identification of marine invertebrates), but I have always been passionate about engaging with people and sharing my excitement for the marine world.

I volunteered in a natural history museum as a teenager and years later got to work as a research scientist in one of the leading European natural history museums, where I also designed and managed my own exhibition.

The "Talking the coast" project is the perfect platform for sharing scientific research with a wider public. I especially like the idea that the talks can be given outside during a walk and that there is plenty of room for creativity and also an artistic component to it.