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United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030)

How Does our Project relate to the vision of the decade?

The Decade is embracing a participative and transformative process so that (…) ocean science delivers greater benefits for both the ocean ecosystem and for society.

-> Education & Empowerment of local communities

This Decade will be designed to facilitate (…) mutual learning across research and stakeholder communities. 

The Decade will promote a more targeted and effective information flow as well as innovative ways of conducting and using ocean science by:

Encouraging more inclusive and participative approaches in designing and executing the science (well educated citizens will be invited to collect data, scientific NGO will be encouraged to share their data, the business potential for ocean data collection, sharing and management will be explored); -> Access to science

building reinforced dialogues (science-policy interface as well as multidisciplinary approaches, bringing new disciplines and integrating natural, social and engineering sciences and giving value to the traditional/indigenous knowledge);

-> Communication with local communities

(...) taking into consideration the needs of coastal communities (...);

Giving value to the ocean services and sciences: the Decade will be aimed at shifting people’s values and at articulating what are the economic, cultural or security values of the Ocean); -> We are working to do this by re-connecting people with the marine ecosystems at their doorsteps!

Developing innovative ways to communicate Ocean Science by simplifying the language used to communicate, and offering an open, comprehensible and wide access to sound knowledge as well as by raising awareness within the Ocean communities but also beyond the Ocean sphere, by promoting Ocean Literacy; 

-> This is the core aim of our work!

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