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Walk and Talk with us!


Present research you are passionate about!

You can talk global and think local,

tie "big" topics in with localised effects,

or you can focus on something very specific to a certain area;

our aim is to enhance the public's understanding of their natural surroundings by making relevant science accessible

and you can add your grain of (sea)salt!


We will run events all along the English coast. Just pick a region, a specific stretch of the coast path or a location you feel would benefit from your knowledge and we'll get you all set up!

You can talk indoors, outdoors, in the village pub, on a beach, at the harbour front, alone or with a colleague...

We are open to creative suggestions!


Physical events will run approximately March - October 2021.

Just pick the  time which suits you best!

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Make your talk as interactive

and engaging as possible.

The talks are supposed to be scientific -

not necessarily in their outward appearance but in their content.

A review panel will have a look at them beforehand and give feedback.

Back up all your arguments with sound scientific data.

Provide adequate sources for these data.


Make sure your presentations meet scientific standards:

clearly indicate all sources, correctly attribute graphs and photographs etc.

We encourage you to walk a stretch of the coast path before, during or after your talk, to take part in our litter hotspot monitoring and add your thoughts and impressions of "your" stretch to our interactive map. However, you can also "just" talk!

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