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Will Christie

Long Distance Walker/Blogger

North West

I’ve been travelling along UK coast paths since before I could walk; my dad is a keen walker and for most of my childhood my parents were pushing me around hiking trails in a pram or carrying me on their shoulders. As I got older, my dad would take me on longer trips and gradually load more into my rucksack, then I caught the bug and was organising walking trips with my friends. Some of my fondest memories have been made on the Wales Coast Path, the South West Coast Path, the Norfolk Coast Path and coast paths in the Outer Hebrides. It’s on these trails and various seaside holidays that I found my love for the ocean, and that’s what brought me to studying BSc Marine Biology at the University of Exeter. I’m currently on a year out from my course until COVID allows me to study abroad, so I jumped on the opportunity to do some walking in aid of marine conservation. It’s a great chance for me to share my passion for coastal wildlife, learn about coastal communities and hopefully inspire other people to do the same. I can’t wait to get walking and tell you all about it!


George Mason

Long Distance Walker/Blogger

South West

Our coasts are surrounded by sea life and a rich maritime culture which takes us back to our roots as a sea faring nation. However, the two are often in conflict with one another- leading to the problems of pollution and over-exploitation. On my long-distance walk, I hope to spread the ethos of the Plover Rovers; connecting people with our coastline by exploring our natural heritage and how we can benefit from it non-destructively.

I have a degree and a Masters in Marine Science from Plymouth University and have spent the last

few years researching how environmental change will shape future marine food production. I hope to branch out into public engagement and have a direct effect on the future of our seas!

I believe the three pillars of life are: beer, adventure, science!


Kathryn Bullough

Long Distance Walker/Blogger


Growing up in the British countryside, I have always felt completely at home in the outdoors – I’m never happier than when I’m wandering my way down a new footpath I’ve found or plodding up a hill to get a look at the view! Because of this, it’s not surprising that when I moved to Cornwall to complete my MSci in Zoology I absolutely fell in love with the coast. The rugged cliffs, steep valleys, and expansive beaches offer something new to explore every day, and combined with the scientific knowledge I have gained about all the species that make this habitat their home, this has really turned into a passion for learning more about the coastal ecosystems and what we can do to protect them. I also believe that science communication is really the way forward when it comes to marine and coastal research, as it’s essential that the wider non-scientific community can understand and apply new discoveries so that real positive progress can be made on the ground. By doing my long-distance walk, I hope to inspire both the local communities I meet and the people reading my blog to get involved with their local coastal habitats, and how to help preserve them and the species living there.


Katy Ellis

Long Distance Walker/Blogger

South East

Chocolate, crimson and beige: the colours of mud, oystercatchers and endless sandy beaches. When I think back to my earliest memories of the British coast, those three colours are the ones that stand out in my mind.

I am now lucky to be studying a BSc in Conservation Biology and Ecology at Exeter University’s Cornwall campus. Though virtually all aspects of the natural world fascinate me, my prime areas of interest are exploration, human wildlife conflict and engaging more people with nature, so I grabbed the opportunity to walk part of the English coast with the goal of uniting coastal communities with their local conservation research.

From hardcore biologists to writers, musicians and artists, conservation needs to be a collaborative field. We need to speak more of the language of conservation, engage the local communities who are at the forefront of these changes and fights and inspire tomorrow’s leaders; it’s all about communication.


Tess Warwick

Long Distance Walker/Blogger

North East

I have been lucky enough to have grown up around the North Norfolk coast and would love to communicate and enthuse others about the wonders of the marine environment and what we can do to preserve it. I am passionate about science communication and the positive impact it can have on people’s views of the natural world. During my long-distance walk I hope to help connect people with our country's rich coastline, especially those who may not have easy access to these areas. 
I am currently studying an MSc Biology by Research having gained my undergraduate degree in Zoology. I have also recently been working on a coastal nature reserve and hope to continue working within the conservation sector. 
Outside of this I am happiest when out in nature or drinking a beer in the sun... I’m pretty sure I’m solar powered!

Our awesome long-distance walker-bloggers have set up a GoFundMe to support their walks. 

If you want to pitch in and help make this project a reality we would be delighted!

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